Halloween 2016 Coupon Code | Costume Ideas

                                            Coupon Code: Hall16

                                                                                (Valid till 31st Oct)

Halloween is round the corner. It falls on Monday, 31st of October which means you have les than a month to prepare for all the parties and the fun you are going to have with your friends. Have you decided on the special costume for the Halloween this year?  If not, then there is some good news for you. Your favorite online shop Famous-Jackets.co.uk for all your leather jackets and costumes for the Halloween has come out with a fabulous offer you just cannot ignore. It is an unbelievable offer of £08 discount on the entire range of Halloween costumes on display on the website of the company.

All you have to do to save your hard earned money when buying your favorite Halloween costume from Famous-Jackets.co.uk is to make use of a coupon code issued by the company for this very purpose. Note down £08 Off Coupon Code: Hall16 that you have to mention at the time of checkout for payment. Save a lot of money using this code on every Halloween costume that you buy and spend it on other things to maximize fun and frolic during the Halloween. Just remember that this code is valid only till 31st October 2016.


If you are looking for ideas to stay one up on all your friends during the Halloween parties this year, try the beautiful Harley Quinn jacket if you are a girl with a bold and daring attitude. It is a beautiful and bright red and blue jacket with Property of Joker written prominently at its back. There are many other beautiful jackets and coats for ladies inspired by the outfits of celebrities and also video game characters to help you hog the limelight at the costume parties during the Halloween.


If you are a man, there is a bewildering variety of jackets, coats, and full costumes designed especially for the Halloween and other Cosplay events. If there are many jackets inspired by the outfits of superheroes from the movie Suicide Squad, you also have the option of wearing the bright red and black jacket worn by Deadpool in his latest movie. You can also choose to sport the leather costume of Jacob Frye, the protagonist in the very popular video game Assassin’s Creed, Syndicate to impress all your friends.


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